A New Season for Me

Life is full of seasons. Seasons come and go.

And with each new one that God brings me into, I can’t help but wonder, “How long will this last?” Nothing lasts forever — only God.

I know that every season has its beginning and its end.

Sometimes, those beginnings and ends are practically written in the sky.

But sometimes, those beginnings and ends aren’t super clear. There are feelings, moods, senses, discomforts, antsy-ness, wondering, an uncertainty, a stuckness. And with all that, or with only some of that, I take a step of faith.

One direction or another, I say, “Lord, straight ahead is looking to be more and more a closed door, this way or that way are options, but not very clear. I know You love me. I know You direct my steps, even if I don’t feel it clearly or at all. You’re faithful.” And I take that little step.

Will the waters part, or will they close in around me?

I take another step, trusting my Lord, humbling myself before Him. I certainly don’t want to head off on some path of my own making. If I do, I know in His great faithfulness, He’ll use it and draw me to Himself. But from the start of these steps, I give each to Him.

I take another step, possibly straight ahead this time, possibly curving a bit, possibly a sharp turn. But always given to my God. Always by faith.

And eventually or suddenly, I see it. A new season.

There is a season for everything. And this is the time for this season, whatever it may be.

Back in the winter, I felt those feelings, moods, uncertainties. Soon, I took those small steps of faith. I went this way and that, all in seeking the Lord, all in the midst of His love and faithfulness.

By March, I found myself not writing regular blog posts, and then not posting at all.

By April, my plate was overflowing in a new, albeit brief season.

By June, that brief season wound down and the Lord stirred in my heart some new steps of faith to take.

If you’ve been following this blog for a long time (or read my About page), then you know I’ve written a couple novels and have more on my heart. Yet nothing’s published.

It’s time.

This is a clear direction from the Lord. I’m so thankful for those times of clear direction, amen?

At any rate, it’s time to publish and edit and write some more.

Will I write the Reflection blog posts ever again as I have in the past? Only the Lord knows.

For now, for this season, I will be seeking the Lord and taking steps in this new direction.

I hope you’ll continue this journey with me. I hope you’ll continue praying for me. I hope you’ll stay tuned for information on my first book release. It’s coming very soon.

And I hope you’ll still be blessed by my writings. They’ll just be in a new form: novels rather than blog posts.

Please keep subscribed to this list. I’ll be posting updates. And who knows? I may post more reflections and devotions. Or maybe the Lord will give me other ideas. Or more seasons to share.

This is an exciting step — and season — for me. Thank you for joining me in it!

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