Today, I will be glad. Today, I will sing for joy.

Though the world around me may be dark, though my circumstances may be trying, though my heart grows faint, I will praise the Lord.

He has overcome and He causes me to overcome as I walk in Him, as I seek Him and keep my eyes on Him. He has done it and He is doing it in me. Praise His name.

Today, I have a choice. Today, I can look at Him or I can look at me. I can see His truth or I can see mine.

Lord, what is Your truth? You are faithful. You are able. You overcome. You love. You are peace. You are big, bigger than all my trials and worries.

And what is my truth? This is hard, what You’ve called me to. I don’t like this. I can’t do this. It’s too much.

I can dwell on my truth, end there, and tumble down. Or I can dwell on Your truth, hear You answer my struggling heart, and let You lift me up.

So here’s the answers I hear: This is hard. But not too hard for me. I don’t like this. I know, but through this, I give you hope and a future. I can’t do this. But I can. It’s too much. Nothing is impossible for me.God is faithful. God is able. God is love.

This is not too hard for You. Through this, You give me hope and a future. You can do this. Nothing is impossible for You.

And now, I’ve come full circle. I look at You. I proclaim Your truth. This is my choice.

You are faithful. You are able. You overcome. You are love and peace.

Today, I will be glad for You have made me glad.

Today, I will sing for joy because You have given me joy.

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