Come Away With Jesus

My beloved responded and said to me, “Arise my darling, my beautiful one, and come along.” (Song of Songs 2:10 NASB)

My beloved, my Jesus, my savior, my friend. He calls to me. He invites me to come away with Him.

Nature scene with Song of Songs 2:10

And where will we go? We will flee to the mountains, the cleft of the rock. He will take me to the rock that is higher than I (Psalm 61). He will hide me in Him. I will rest in His presence, His shade, His love.

Nature scene with Song of Songs 2:10

And how will I rest when this world rages around me? This world with its cares, struggles, tribulations? How do I rest when everything presses in, weighs me down, pulls at me?

My beloved, my Jesus says to come away with Him. But again, how?

My eyes seek Him, His face, His form. My heart cries out for His love. And He is here. He is with me.

This world is passing away. But He has overcome this world. He will never pass away. All my trials will pass away. Yet He will be with me through them all and my treasure in the end.

How do I rest in Him now? I come away with Him. I listen to Him. I believe Him.

What does He say? He says to trust Him, to be of good cheer, to rejoice in Him (John 16:33). He says He will fight my battles and He will win. He says my strength is in Him. So in Him I hide.

And I hide where He takes me, where He takes me away to commune and fellowship with Him. It’s where He covers me, calls me beautiful, reminds me that He has overcome and so will I.

This world is for a little while, then comes the fruition. Then comes the culmination, the fullness of all I’m waiting for. The joy, the love, the life. And He remains and I remain in Him.

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