Fear, Redemption, and My Faithful God

Lot was a righteous man living in a wicked time and city (2 Peter 2:7). Yet when it was time for the city to be destroyed, he was afraid. He hesitated to leave (Genesis 19:16). And once God got him out of Sodom, he was afraid again.

Lot was afraid to flee to the mountains where the angels told him go to escape the coming destruction (Genesis 19:19). He didn’t trust the Lord’s direction.

God, in His love, gave Lot a different provision. It’s what Lot asked for. God said Lot could go to Zoar. God would spare that small town (Genesis 19:21-22).

Eventually, Lot was afraid to stay in Zoar. He fled to the mountains after all and hid in a cave. (Genesis 19:30)

First, he was afraid of the mountains. Then, he was afraid of the town. He was afraid of every direction the Lord gave him. In the end, he hid in a cave and his daughters, out of desperation, sinned, also not trusting the Lord (Genesis 19:32).

So there’s Lot’s fear paralyzing him. God came to him in mercy, yanked him out of certain death in Sodom, told him where to go, and gave him an alternative. Yet Lot was afraid at every turn.

Lord, how am I afraid? Is fear paralyzing me? Am I not trusting You? Where and how? Have mercy on me, open my eyes, don’t let me cause others to stumble.

So now there are Lot’s daughters not trusting God to provide. And we end up with Moabites and Ammonites (Genesis 19:37-38). Generally, these aren’t Godly nations.

Psalm 78:35 text on nature scene of a rock
Psalm 78:35 text on nature scene of a rock

Yet God, in His mercy, gives us Ruth the Moabitess down the line (Ruth 1:4). Ruth was the mother of Obed, the father of Jesse, the father of King David, the ancestors of Jesus.

God redeems.

Lord, redeem my lack of trust in You. Redeem my times. Redeem my fear.

Even when I sin, even when I stumble, even when I mess up all kinds of things, God is faithful.

God is my redeemer.

Lord, redeem my life and all my failings.

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