Feelings, Circumstances, and God’s Faithfulness

“And you shall be My people, and I will be your God (Jeremiah 30:22).”

I know the Lord is with me. I know my God is faithful. It doesn’t matter if I feel it. It doesn’t matter what kind of season I’m in. God is faithful.

And that’s a matter of faith. Faith is not a matter of feelings. Faith is not determined by circumstance. Faith is a matter of belief and choice and conviction. It’s a matter of hope.

At some point we all put our faith in something whether it’s this world, a religion, politics, people, self, or Jesus. No one gets through this world without putting their faith, their trust, their hope in something.

This world is passing away. Institutions of man fail. People change. But my God is forever. He doesn’t fail. He never changes.

And history bears this out. Jesus is still all about love and communion with our Father. The Law all pointed to Jesus. Nothing about the God of all creation, the One True God has ever changed.

He’s a sure thing.

Circumstances nave not changed Him, but they’ve certainly changed me, and I suspect I’m not alone in that.

And my feelings are all over the place, changing with circumstance, changing with the weather, my moods, and who knows what else. But God’s feelings remain. He loves.

Birds on water. God is faithful.
Birds on water. God is faithful.
Birds on water. God is faithful.

Time marches on. I may wonder at the circumstances God has me in. I may wonder if He loves me.

In the end, though, it always comes back to this: God is faithful.

The circumstances change and work out one way or another. The seasons change. God’s unchanging love bursts forth, shining brightly again. And I feel it. I experience it. I know it.

Since God is faithful and He never changes, then if I feel His love and faithfulness in one season, it must still be there in other seasons.

God is faithful no matter the season I’m in and no matter the feelings I have.

I am His and He is my God.

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