God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

When the road gets long, or hard, or just plain strange, it’s easy to wonder how in the world we got where we are, or if we should be in this place at all. But God is the one who directs our steps, and God doesn’t make mistakes (Proverbs 16:9; Psalm 37:23-24).

I pray that as you read this post, God will speak to you and you will be spurred on to fight the good fight and run the race with hope, grace, love, and endurance.

God is the one who redeemed us. He’s called us by name. We are His. He is our creator. (Isaiah 43:1)

No matter where we are or where we’ve been, no one can snatch us out of God’s hand. No one can take from us what He has given (Romans 11:29). He is the Lord. It’s He who gives and He who takes away. (Job 1:21)

If He’s given to us, then it’s ours. We are in Him. If He takes away, then we proclaim that He is good. He restores. He makes all things new. All things are redeemed in Him. (Isaiah 43:19)

These are promises of God, and we need to hang onto them, remind ourselves and each other of them, proclaim them. God is good.

Psalm 37:23
Psalm 37:23

We have nothing to fear. We are called to cast all our cares on our mighty Savior (1 Peter 5:7). When evil days come, we have nothing to fear.

Jesus is the light in the darkness. He has overcome, and He overcomes. The end is known, but we’re still in the battle, on the way home. And He’s still right here with us, overcoming at every turn, twist, and step we take.

We are called by His name, and we overcome in Him. We are His.

We are called to go forward, not to turn back, not to regret or doubt or fear. God doesn’t regret. And He doesn’t repent (Numbers 23:19).

What He’s called you to, what He’s called me to, He doesn’t regret or repent. He calls, we answer. We go forward in Him.

He plants and brings to fruition in due season. It may not look like your expectations. I know it rarely looks like mine. But God doesn’t make mistakes, and He doesn’t leave waste. He uses everything for His glory and He is glorified in us when we glorify and reflect Him. He uses all things for our good. (Romans 8:28)

All things are in God’s hands, but we have a choice. He’s given us the choice. We can hold back. We can bind (Matthew 18:18).

He says to give it all to Him. Do not fear. Do not keep questioning. Do not keep wondering, second guessing, overthinking.

Embrace our God. Proclaim His love. Go forward in His ways, in all that you do.

He is the Lord, and He makes all things new. He will redeem the time. He is our God. He is love. And He loves us. He didn’t make a mistake.

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