God is Always With Me

God is always with us. He’s always with me. He is the God of my salvation. He is the rock of my refuge. And He’s always with me.

God is with me whether I’m full of faith or full of doubt. He’s my salvation either way.

He gave me my faith. He knows what I’m made of and He knows what trips me up. He’s faithful even when I’m not. He’s not going anywhere just because I turn away or wonder if He’s there. His salvation is without remorse. He’s my refuge, my hiding place.

Fawn with Psalm 18

God is with me whether I feel Him or feel alone and dry. He bought me. I knew it when He pulled me out of the pit. That hasn’t changed.

Fawn with title of Christian blog
Fawn with Psalm 18

My feelings change, but He doesn’t. He’s my rock. He’s a rock that doesn’t degrade with weathering. He created the weather. He can’t be swayed by it. He’s the rock of my refuge.

God is with me whether I’m having a good day or bad day. I may be smiling and cheerful and saying nice things, or a I may be cranky and scowling and snapping unkind words. But He’s still my salvation. He’s still my God.

He knew me before I was born and knows my strengths and weaknesses. My moods don’t take Him by surprise. He’s always my answer, my advocate, my refuge.

God is always with me. He’s always my salvation, my refuge, my rock, my God.

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