God is Faithful

What can I say? God is faithful. He is always faithful. Whether everything’s going great or everything’s falling apart, God is faithful. This I know.

When I can’t hear Him or feel Him, when I pray and don’t get an answer, or when I get answers, but they’re the opposite of what I’m asking, when I doubt, when everything around me presses in and says God’s not there, or He’s capricious, or when I’m overwhelmed and can’t see how He’s enough, what can I say? God is faithful.

God never changes ~ Christian Blog
God never changes ~ Christian blog
God never changes ~ Christian Blog

It’s what I tell myself, it’s what I tell my children, it’s what I tell others. God is faithful.

God never changes. He’s always the same (Hebrews 13:8). He’s the same yesterday when He called me, the same today when I’m struggling, and the same tomorrow when this world is done and His kingdom is full, victory realized.

I change, circumstances change, moods, styles, and trends change. But God doesn’t. He never changes. He’s steady, a solid rock, reliable, trustworthy.

No matter my current situation, struggles, or hopes, God doesn’t change. God is faithful.

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