God’s Presence in Our Lives Part 2

After my last post, I have to ask, are you knowing God’s presence? Or are you feeling it? Either way, God is present.

I know this to be true, but still, after I hit publish last time, my thoughts continued dwelling on so many questions about God’s presence in our lives.

Is there a difference between God’s constant presence in our lives, entering into His presence, and experiencing more of His presence?

I pray all the time for His presence. But isn’t He already here? Do we actually get more of His presence, or is it that our awareness is piqued?

My experience says there are times when there’s more of His presence, like with a vision or prophecy. But is there really more of His presence, or is He already there in the same measure, just letting me feel Him more? At those times, am I just feeling more of a “connection” with Him?

Psalm 16:11 You will make known to me the way of life; In Your presence there is fullness of joy; In your right hand there are pleasures forever.
God's Presence in Our Lives Part 2 ~ Blog Title

I want more of His presence. Am I alone in this? Isn’t this something we’re asking all the time? So what does it mean?

Isn’t the Lord here, whether we feel it, or not?

And what of those kinds of worship services when His presence is so powerful and palpable? What of where two or more are gathered, there He is with them? I can’t deny there’s a difference in larger groups and when He “visits” or speaks. But does that mean there’s more of His presence at those times, and He wasn’t there before?

What does it mean I’m asking for when I ask for more of Your presence?

My conclusion (or is it where the Lord has led my ramblings?): He’s always here, or there.

Sometimes, He reveals Himself more obviously to our senses. And sometimes distractions or our hearts block us — we’re not entering in. At other times, God is simply with us — no bells or whistles. But none of these times mean more or less of His presence. He is God. He just is.

When we ask for more of His presence, I think we’re really wanting one of two things. One is more awareness on our parts. And two is that He reveals Himself more obviously, that He kind of rises up, lets us feel Him and see His glory.

God’s presence is there no matter what.

So when I say or sing that I want His presence, or that I invite Him here, it’s really me saying I want to feel Him, or I want Him to really interact with me, display His power a bit, speak to me.

That’s what I want, Lord. To feel You. To really be aware. To have Your fellowship, tangibly. Yet, even if I don’t, I know. I know Your presence goes before me and is with me.

And I’m back at the beginning. God’s presence in our lives is constant. He is with us. Sometimes, God’s presence in palpable. And sometimes, the feelings are dry. But no matter what, God doesn’t change. We know God is faithful and He is with us.

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