God Is Enough

Hear my cry, O God (Psalm 61:1).

I know God hears me. His word promises me that He hears everything.

But I don’t always feel like He hears me.

I call and cry out. And wait.

How long, Lord?

I see the appearance of an answer, but then it fades away.

I call and cry out. And wait.

He is the God who sees (Gen. 16:13). He is the God who hears.

There is too much surrounding me.

Today is just a day to get through.

One step at a time. One thing marked off my list at a time. It’s too much. I’m overwhelmed.

1 Peter 5:7

Is that what I’m dwelling on? That it’s too much and I’m overwhelmed? Am I dwelling on the circumstances? Am I dwelling on what I see all around me? Am I dwelling on my problems? Am I dwelling on what’s in this world?

Yes. I’ve done it without realizing it. Again.

Is that why I feel worse as I pray, not better? Because I keep pronouncing that it’s too much? Because I’m dwelling on what I see? Because I’m dwelling on all my concerns, fears, worries, and wants?

I’m not dwelling on my God. I’m not dwelling on the truth. I’m not dwelling on the One I’ve said is everything to me. I’m not dwelling on love.

It’s never too much. God is always sufficient. God is always enough.

There is joy in the journey. Yes, it’s hard, but I choose joy. Through it all, He brings me closer to Him, which is my deepest desire. What’s not joyful about that?

I choose faith. I choose hope. I choose to believe.

I believe He is able.

I believe He has not given me too much.

I believe He is with me through this all.

I believe He has appointed lovingkindness and truth to preserve me (Ps. 61:7).

Love and truth don’t just surround me. They aren’t only in me.

Love and truth preserve me.

Love and truth keep me. Sustain me. Uphold me.

My Jesus has employed love and truth to do all these things.

And He is love and truth.

He has engaged Himself to do all these things.

He preserves me. He sustains me. He upholds me.

Bless His name.

Yes, He hears my cry. Yes, I will dwell on my God.

Lord, remind me today. When I’m tempted to proclaim it’s too much, remind me to proclaim truth. To proclaim that You’re enough. Not only are You enough, but You sent love and truth to see me through.

You are love and truth. You are seeing me through. Right now. Today. All the time.

I will sing praise to You forever (Ps. 61:8).

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