God Never Changes

Everything changes. From generation to generation, everything changes.

From year to year and day to day.

But the Lord remains. God never changes.

He has created all things. And what He has formed, He will reform. What He has made, He will make new. But He never changes.

He is the same. Always.

Why is this a comfort to me? Why is this a truth that I dwell on? That gives me peace? That settles me?

Because God is reliable. Because when I’m in the midst of change, or witnessing change, I can know that when all is said and done, the Creator has not and will not change. The rules will be the same.

My hiding place will still be there. My safe place is constant.

But why else is this a comfort? Reliability is good, but it seems like there’s more. Maybe it’s because I know He wins? That the battles are not in vain? That no matter what, He works everything for good (Romans 8:28)?

Whatever I’m going through, or whatever I see around me, I know that in the end, He comes out on top. And in the process, He molds me and makes me into His own.

Because that’s what He said He would do.

And He’s reliable.

Because God never changes.

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