Heavy Burden

God is enough. His yoke is easy, His burden is light. What burdens, then, am I taking on that are not from Him? What load am I carrying that is not mine? His burden is light. Why is this burden I’m carrying so heavy?

This is what He says to me: It’s not your job. That’s what my God spoke to me. And then I saw clearly. All my concerns — well, many of my concerns — that I bring to Him, I continue to carry them by trying to fix them. Or I continually look for ways to fix them.

“Come to me,” He says, “all who are weary and heavy laden (Matthew 11:28).” I’m weary of seeing problems in my mood, circumstances, or my life, and trying to fix them. Or make them better. But that’s not my job. When I take those burdens to the Lord, He takes those burdens from me. It’s not my job to figure it all out. It’s His job. It’s my job to rest in Him. That’s what My God gives me in exchange for my burdens: rest. “I will give you rest,” He says (Matthew 11:30).

Matthew 11-28 Jesus is our rest.
Matthew 11:28 Jesus is our rest.
Matthew 11:28 Jesus is our rest.

He may give me steps to take, words to say, and choices of righteousness that I can do by faith in regard to the problems I bring to Him. And I pray He does. But the figuring out, the fixing, the troubling over it? Those are not my job.

My Job is to rest. My job is to praise. My job is to give thanks. I may not see all the changes I think I need. My circumstances may remain. Even so, it’s not my job to fix them or figure them out. God is enough. It’s not about getting it all fixed — if I could even define what that would be or look like. It may not even need “fixing”. God is God. I’m not. He knows. I don’t. It’s not my job. It’s His.

“Come to me,” He says. I come to Him. I give Him all my burdens. I pray continually. He gives me rest. Rest. Praise. Thanks. I can do that. His burden is light.

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