How I Know God is Faithful

God is faithful. I know this, even when I don’t feel it. I know this because the Bible says so and countless others have gone before me and proven it. When Paul first wrote that God is faithful even when we’re faithless, he was living it out and proving it. And I’m living it out and proving it.

The thing is, in the midst of a battle, it can be hard to remember. If I do remember, it can be hard to receive.

And what about when I’ve prayed and sought the Lord, listened to His voice leading me, and I’ve trusted Him, expected certain answers, but those answers never come? What about when the answers that do come look considerably different than what I had been banking on, what I had been so certain He had put on my heart? What about those times?

These aren’t times when I’ve been faithless. These aren’t times when I’ve doubted. I’m talking about the times when I’ve pressed in, sought my Jesus, fellowshipped with Him, surrendered. These are times when I’ve listened to His voice, read His word, received His ministry, and believed a promise or promises He’s spoken.

And then the answer comes. And it looks all wrong, feels all wrong.

Even then, God is faithful.

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I’m in good company. The disciples thought Jesus was coming to set up an earthly kingdom. A real live kingdom with Jesus in charge on His throne and choice seats beside Him.

Forest scene with God is faithful.

They had been seeking God, studying the scriptures, waiting for Messiah. They gave up everything for Him, dropping their nets, forsaking their livelihood when He called.

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It makes sense that they expected this amazing earthly kingdom. In Isaiah 9:7 and plenty of other places in the Old Testament, it’s perfectly clear that Messiah will establish His kingdom.

And His kingdom was and is established. But first came His death. That answer looked all wrong. It felt all wrong.

Then came His resurrection and hope. Even then though, there was no physical kingdom. The expectations of His disciples were still unmet. But by that time, I’m thinking they were giving up on their expectations.

But they weren’t giving up on God’s faithfulness. They believed Him, they received Him, they listened to Him. And they proved that God is faithful. Even when it didn’t look like it. Even when their expectations were not met.

God established His kingdom. And its being spiritual — a possibility His disciples couldn’t even conceive of — means Isaiah 9:7 is true. There really is no end. It means God really is faithful to His promises. He really is faithful to us.

“There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace…” (Isaiah 9:7 NASB).

God is faithful. I know this. I know this because history bears it out and because my life proves it over and over again, even when things don’t meet my expectations. God continues to establish me in Him (1 Peter 5:10).

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