If God Is For Us

The Word of the Lord stands forever. And the Lord stands in my midst. He is the Good Shepherd, shepherding me, shepherding His people, shepherding all who come to the waters, the living waters to drink.

The Lord is a strong tower and is mighty. He fights for His own. He fights for us, all of us who seek Him in spirit and in truth. He is our strength, our refuge, our fortress. He fights for us — for me. He covers and protects His bride, His children, His own.

Romans 8:31
Romans 8:31
If God Is For Us. Christian blog.

He knows us. We are known by Him. He knows our comings and our goings. He knows our weaknesses and strengths. He knows our joys and sorrows. He knows me. He knows what makes me tick. And He makes Himself known. When we seek Him, we will find Him.

He is our peace. In this world, we will have trials, hardships, tribulations. He has overcome. He is our Lord and He has overcome this world. In Him, we will overcome all trials. He is in the flood with us. He is in the fire with us. And He is our peace through it all. Our Lord has seen it all and He’s conquered all. He is faithful and sure.

Our God is a mighty God. He is with us. He leads us, fights for us, knows us. His word stands forever. He is unchanging — always leading us, fighting for us, knowing us. His word stands forever. His peace is ours. He is ever-faithful. God is with us.

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