Jesus Does Not Look at the Outward

When Jesus walked this earth, He did not judge by what He saw and He did not judge by what He heard. He did not judge by outward appearances.

If He had, I wonder what His disciples might have looked like. I wonder if they would have been a mish-mash of rogues, working class laborers, tax collectors, rebels. I wonder if instead they would have been classy, pillars in the synagogue, cool guys, leaders that so many aspire to be like.

It’s something I aspire to anyway. I want to look good, dress nicely, be polished and poised. I want to say the right things, not embarrass myself, gain the respect of those in my circle and those I admire.

1 Samuel 16:7 on a picture of a black-eyed susan.

Jesus didn’t judge by what He heard, either. So I wonder if maybe His disciples didn’t always say the right things. I wonder if they stuck their feet in their mouths a few times, like I do — a lot.

1 Samuel 16:7 on a picture of a black-eyed susan.
Blog title on a picture of a black-eyed susan

If Jesus had judged by what He heard, I wonder if He would’ve chosen and called those who knew the scriptures and could expound eloquently on them. I wonder if He would have called orators who could win debates and entertain their admirers.

But Jesus didn’t judge by what He saw or what He heard. Jesus judged by the Spirit. He looked at the heart.

Jesus chose those who were hungering and thirsting after righteousness, even if they were a little messy on the outside. He called those who were waiting for Him, Messiah, Savior, even if they hadn’t figured it all out.

He said to follow Him. And He led. He led by humbling himself. And He calls me to humble myself.

He led by going to the wrong places and talking with the wrong people. He led by loving, even when it didn’t look right or sound right.

Man looks at the outward, but God looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7). Jesus did not judge by the outward when He walked this earth and He doesn’t now. It’s my heart He wants. It’s my heart He examines. It’s my heart He purifies. It’s my heart He sees.

Lord, let my heart be pure, humble, hungry for You and Your ways, full of love.

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