Let It Rest

This is a short post. But sometimes, less is more. I think someone out there may need to hear this. I know I need the reminder frequently. So here goes.

There will be good days and there will be bad. The Lord God will see you through. Whether planting or harvesting or working the soil or letting it rest or waiting for growth, the Lord is with you.

You may wonder if you’ve gone off the path, displeased him, made mistakes with great consequences, but none of that is beyond His reach. None of that is beyond His power or His desire to restore.

Our God desires to restore. He desires to heal and repair and make whole. He is a consuming fire. He burns up all the chaff, the things that keep us from Him, the filth that we’ve embraced. He purifies and claims us as His own.

God is a God of restoration.
God is good. He is a God of restoration.
Blog title about God restoring.

We focus so much on planting and harvesting as Christians. But there’s not so much talk about working the soil or letting it rest or waiting for growth. Yet any farmer or gardener knows that those seasons are the longest ones.

Those are the seasons of wondering. Wondering if all the work paid off and wondering if you’re doing the right thing and on the right path. Especially the season of letting the soil rest.

Letting the soil rest is the ultimate season of restoration. Never shun the seasons of restoration.

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