Love the Lord

The Lord’s ways are higher than my ways and yet He meets with me and sees me through.

I don’t understand so much in my life and in this world. Yet my God prepares a table before me in the midst of it all. He gives me a peace that defies understanding.

There are so many thoughts, ideas, and plans that fill my mind. I wonder so often what’s of Him, what’s not. Yet it’s not mine to figure out since He directs my steps. I can lay it all at His feet.

Sometimes, though, I wish He’d explain it all to me. I’d like to hear more about His higher ways. I’d like Him to explain some things to me, let me understand, even make me understand. I’d like Him to not just direct my steps, but lay them all out in front of me, tell me what to forget about and tell me what to pursue.

Yellow flowers with the shema. Thou shalt love the Lord.

That’s just it, though. He’s told me what to pursue, hasn’t He? Love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Yellow flowers with the Greatest Commandment to love the Lord your God.

Everything in me, everything He’s created me to be, even if I can’t comprehend His ways, even if I don’t understand, even if I’m uncertain of all my plans, everything in me can still love the Lord my God.

Christian blog title to Love the Lord. On yellow flowers.

No weakness, no lack of understanding, nothing can keep me from loving the Lord, my God. Whether or not I want more understanding does not keep me from sitting at that table with my God, fellowshipping with Him, receiving that incomprehensible peace.

It doesn’t keep the Creator of everything from meeting with me, directing my steps, seeing me through.

Sometimes, the answer is so simple, more simple than I want, more simple than I’ve been seeking. But it’s the answer nonetheless. It’s faith. It’s trust. It’s love. It’s His higher ways.

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