Loving Others

I bless Jesus when I love others, see the multitudes and have compassion, give the benefit of the doubt, don’t judge, don’t be jealous of others’ friendships, etc.

When He was crucified, He was not given the benefit of the doubt, He was judged, He was envied by the leaders because the people had liked Him. The crowds had hung on His every word and followed Him around, even if they didn’t know or comprehend or understand that He was the Christ. They adored Him.

Then, overnight, they turned on Him. He wouldn’t perform for them anymore. He may have been cool the other day, but He wasn’t cool anymore.

He had fallen from His pedestal. There were new guys in the cool crowd and Jesus was out.

Bless the Lord

What changed? Mob mentality, not truth. Being influenced by the opinion of others and popular thought, not truth.

Bless the Lord
Bless the Lord

Jesus hadn’t changed. He still loved. He still humbled Himself and put others first. He was still the Christ. He was still the final sacrifice — the lamb at the slaughter.

When I really ponder that moment in Jesus’ life, that moment of betrayal, that moment of going from favored and favorite to despised and shunned, how can I not understand His desire for me to love? To love others more than myself? To love others more than my reputation? To love others more than my need or wants?

It’s what He did. But He was also on the other side. He knows how it feels to be loved and revered then suddenly despised and ridiculed by the very same people. He knows what it feels like to be alone. He knows about the betrayal of friends.

I bless Him when I love people who find themselves in that position. It’s like loving Him when He was in that position.

Truth be told, everyone finds themselves in that position at some point in their lives. So I guess that means loving everyone.

Oh Lord, remind me in the moments of my life. Help me to love others, to see the multitudes and have compassion. Help me to give others the benefit of the doubt, to not judge, to not be jealous of others’ friendships and so much more. Bless Your name and bless me that I might bless You.

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