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“Oooh,” Lucy exclaimed at her computer screen. She clicked “Add to Cart” and scrolled down. “Oh, I like that,” she said, leaning in for a closer look.

Roger ambled to her side. Resting his gnarled hand on her shoulder, he asked, “How’s it going?”

Lucy smiled up at him and patted his hand, “Good.”

“It’s gotten dark. Do you want a light on?”

We never know what trials will cross our paths, but there's only one way to go....A story of hope. #shortstories #flashfiction #Christianfiction #hope #trustGod #encouragement #Godslove
We never know what trials will cross our paths, but there's only one way to go....A story of hope. #shortstories #flashfiction #Christianfiction #hope #trustGod #encouragement #Godslove

“No, thank you.” Lucy concentrated on the computer.

Roger hovered over her and peered at the screen. “What’ve you found?”

“I was just looking at the agate page. See those?” She pointed at the oblong cylinders.

“Those are nice. They’ll make awful pretty bracelets.”

She clicked “Add to Cart” and scrolled back to the top of the screen, “And these. I already put them in.”

“Yeah, I like all the round beads.”

“Oh, I know dear. I think of you every time I see ’em. I also found some round magnesite. It’s red. And jasper, I know you like the jaspers.”

“I do, that,” Roger nodded.

“I suppose I should finish up. We’ve gotta get up awfully early for the show.”

“So what are we at?”

“Let’s see,” Lucy studied the page for the checkout button. The cart page flashed on the screen. “Looks like two-seventeen and twenty-eight cents.”

“Pretty close to last week,” Roger noted. “Guess I’ll go turn down the bed while you finish checking out.”

“Okay, Dear.” Lucy selected her payment method.

~ ~ ~

Saturday morning saw Lucy and Roger sitting in their craft show booth. On the table before them stood miniature trees designed by Roger adorned with beaded bracelets. No real tree boasted such colorful and shiny leaves as Lucy’s jewelry.

We never know what trials will cross our paths, but there's only one way to go....A short story of hope. #shortstories #flashfiction #Christianfiction #hope #trustGod #encouragement #Godslove“Looks like a good crowd,” Roger observed.

Lucy looked up from stringing her latest creation. She studied the room. “It does,” she agreed.

“Look at that.” Roger pointed across the room at the long line in front of the other jewelry booth. “Good for them.”

“I do hope that keeps up and they have a good show.” Lucy continued scanning the room and finally bent towards the vendor sitting beside them. “Your candles smell divine.”

The young woman started. She lifted the corners of her mouth ever so delicately. “Thank you.”

“Have you done many shows?” Lucy inquired.

“This is my first,” she said.

“Your first? Well, congratulations on beginning a great adventure! Pick out a bracelet to celebrate. It’s on me.”

“Oh, I couldn’t,” the seller said, shying back.

“Of course you can! What’s five dollars in the face of embarking on a new career?”

The candlemaker dipped her chin. “If you insist,” she whispered.

“I do.”

~ ~ ~

Lucy sipped the pop Roger had brought her an hour earlier.

“We did alright,” Roger declared as he finished counting the cash.

“How much?”


“Not bad,” Lucy said, bobbing her head.

“Guess we can start packing up. It’s five minutes til four.”

Lucy didn’t answer. Her attention was on a lady maneuvering her wheel chair into the showroom. As she wheeled towards the bracelet booth, Lucy called out, “Hello, dear!”

The lady lifted her eyes from the floor to Lucy’s cheerful countenance.

“Come on over here,” Lucy hollered, waving the woman over.

She considered Lucy, and then cautiously set her hands on the tops of her wheels to set the chair in motion.

“I want you to have a bracelet,” Lucy stated with conviction, when the chair neared her. “What’s your favorite color?”


“Roger likes the red magnesite and the jaspers. Here, try this one.” Lucy handed her a bracelet and reached for another. “I like this one. It’s lapis lazuli. A real pretty blue.”

The lady regarded the offerings.

“You are an inspiration to me,” Lucy pronounced. “When I first got relegated to this chair,” she said, indicating her own wheel chair, “I was so depressed. I didn’t want to go anywhere, do anything, or see anyone. Roger was beside himself. He prayed and prayed. Such a good husband.” Lucy reached back and squeezed Roger’s hand.

“I sat at home in front of the computer feeling sorry for myself and losing myself in odd searches. I stumbled on a beading site and knew I had to try it. Before long, I had too many bracelets to give away to family and friends. Roger thought of these shows. And that was that! That’s what it took to get me out and about, living life again.”

The lady looked about herself, then at space where her legs should have been.

Lucy’s smile spread over her whole face. “So here you are, out enjoying the craft fair all of you own accord. You are inspiring!” She repeated. “You know what? Take both bracelets.”

Lucy set the blue one over the red one and wrapped the lady’s fingers around them. “There’s a lot of life to live.”

Roger smiled.


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