Making Mistakes and Following God

I’m going to make mistakes. We all make mistakes. I don’t like making mistakes, and if you’re anything like me, you don’t either.

I don’t like the consequences. I don’t like finding out that I hurt someone. It hurts. And truth be told, it’s humiliating. Can you relate?

With so many of the mistakes I make, there I am proclaiming the love of God, His goodness, and yet there I go not really getting it, not really walking in it.

Isn’t that the way as believers in Christ? We are His light. We love Him. We love people. But we stumble and fall. We don’t shine, we don’t really love all the time.

I want to get God’s love. I want to comprehend, take hold of, and walk in His love all the time. I don’t want to make mistakes.

Isn’t that the way as believers in Christ? Our desire is to walk like He walked — to walk in the Spirit, in His love. Perfectly.

But I won’t. I won’t do it perfectly. None of us will. Jesus made that abundantly clear. Yet, I still want to, even if I can’t.

Only God is perfect. Only God doesn’t make mistakes.

I can’t figure it out, or change myself, or redeem myself. The ransom for a life is costly (Psalm 49:8).

I can’t figure God out, or define Him. Who has known the mind of the Lord, or who became His counselor (Romans 11:34)?

I can worship the Lord. I can tell Him my heart as best as I know it.

I can trust Him to fulfill His word. I can trust Him to love me, and reveal Himself to me, and to make my paths straight. I can trust Him to feed me and to satisfy my longing for Him.

These things I can do. This is what He calls me to. “Come, follow Me (Mark 8:34, John 21:22). Love the Lord your God with all your heart (Luke 10:27),” He says.

God is perfect. Deuteronomy 32:4
Only God is perfect. Only God doesn't make mistakes.
Ascribe Greatness Song. Deuteronomy 32:4

I won’t get it all right today or tomorrow or the next day. But I can worship my God, trust Him, and proclaim His faithfulness.

I’ll say something I shouldn’t say. I’ll do something irritating. I’ll say I’m sorry. I’ll try again.

And I’ll humble myself before God and praise Him. He’ll get it right. He’ll redeem my life. He’ll shine through me.

I’ll give Him my heart, my desire to walk in His love. I’ll trust Him to teach me and transform me because He is faithful.

That’s all I have to figure out today. That’s all any of us have to figure out today. He is faithful. He is worthy of praise.

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