My First Book!

Every Single Road #ad is now live on Amazon!

When I started writing this novel, I said that it was just for me. It was a story I wanted to get down on paper. It was something that my family could read.

I didn’t know if I would ever publish it. I didn’t know if I wanted to.

But like everything the Lord stirs in my heart, I knew that what I wanted wasn’t where I would find any answers. My desires can get me all jumbled up. So I took it to the Lord.

I gave the story to Him. I gave publishing to Him.

Over the years, I edited, prayed, and edited some more. John, my husband, kept saying that it had to be published.

In the face of my caution, John prays. And he gently nudges me when something’s on his heart.

I kept praying, and John kept praying. And step by step, our faithful, kind God led me to publish.

So here we are! You can now find Every Single Road on Amazon in both #ad paperback and #ad Kindle versions.

Check it out! Tell me what you think!

I pray that our great and mighty Lord will bless you as you read this story and draw you to Him in greater measure through it.

Me, Cyndy Hunter, with my proof copy of my book, Every Single Road.
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  1. Congratulations and my your efforts bring glory to His kingdom!

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