My Job is to Praise

It’s not my job to figure things out. It’s my job to praise and give glory and proclaim that God is God.

How many times I’ve said that God is God and I’m not, yet I keep trying to step into His shoes. His ways are not my ways, yet I keep trying to figure out everything He’s doing. I keep trying to determine my steps when it’s He who directs them.

It’s one thing for me to make plans. The Bible says I’ll do that. But I take those plans and look at them this way and that. If I do this, then in the future, such and such could happen. And if I do that, then maybe that other thing will happen. Maybe I’ll miss out on one happening, but I’ll experience another. But I want both, or I want neither. Or what if I expect something, but another thing happens? Will I be prepared? So perhaps I shouldn’t do this or that. Is there something else? No? Then okay, I’ll pick this or that, but I don’t know which. So God, which one? I finally ask. And then I go through the whole thought process again — telling God what I think of everything. And I hear nothing, get confused, frustrated, uncertain about everything.

Help me, Jesus!

Trust Me, He says. Rest in Me. Praise Me.

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Christian blog. My job is to Praise

I can never go wrong by praising my God. So I praise Him, even in the midst of my jumbled thoughts.

I proclaim His goodness, His sovereignty, His power to lead in the face of my weakness to follow.

It is not my job to figure it out. The more I praise, the more that truth settles in my heart. The more I rest in Him. The more His peace guards my heart and mind.

I take Him my plans. And I praise. I take a step. I praise. I come to a crossroads. I praise. I take a step by faith. I praise. Another step, not knowing the outcome, not knowing if it’s “best”, but knowing He knows best. I praise.

No matter whether I get it right or wrong, He works all things together for my good. There is no sin in what I do by faith, in walking by faith. I praise some more.

I praise and He directs my steps. I praise as I make my plans and He figures it out. He is God and I am not.

Praise to the only living God. Bless His Name.

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