I’m reading Acts 10 and there’s so much in there. I could study and talk about Jews and Gentiles in the early church, baptism and the Holy Spirit, unclean and clean things, following and worshiping God. There’s so much.

And there are so many theological hotbeds in the chapter, debates and discussions.

But how does this chapter apply to me? Is God speaking anything right now? Anything personal? Immediate?


Cornelius feared God. He didn’t know Him. He wasn’t a Jew. But He knew that God is true. He knew of the One True God and He wasn’t found in Roman mythology or temples. And with what Cornelius knew, he worshiped God.

And then one day, God answered him. An angel gave him a message. Send for Peter. Cornelius obeyed.

Psalm 128:1
Blog on Acts 10, Psalm 128:1
Psalm 128:1

And then there’s Peter. Peter knew God. I’m not sure there was anyone who knew Him better. But God is no respecter of persons and Peter was about to find that out in a big way. In a way that his theology would tell him was wrong. But in a way that his God of love had taught him.

All things are clean. Go. Tell them the truth. Peter obeyed.

Two men. One God. A God who speaks and teaches and relates to us.

Two men. One God. A God who directs our steps. A God who challenges us.

Two men. One God. A God of truth. A God of love. A God to be trusted. A God to be feared. A God to be obeyed.

Cornelius and Peter obeyed God. They stepped out by faith into the impossible. And everything changed. All things became possible. Our God was glorified.

The old had gone, the new came.

Obedience. Faith. Truth. Hope. Love. One True God.

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