Questions, Answers, and Seeking Jesus

Questions, questions, questions. So many questions about what I should do, what’s right, what about this, and what about that.

I praise the Lord. I seek His face. I ask, I knock, I seek.

What am I seeking? Am I seeking answers, or am I seeking Jesus?

Jesus is the answer. He is what I seek.

Answers to my questions would be nice, and I ask for those. But my heart so easily deceives me (Jeremiah 17:9). My mind needs renewal (Romans 12:2). My flesh wars against my born again spirit Galatians 5:17).

If it’s answers to my questions that my heart is set on, my heart, my mind, and my flesh stir me up into a jumble.

If it’s answers to my questions that my heart is set on, I turn in circles and confusion presses in.

This world and its cares have a way of confusing me and turning me and jumbling me.

Matthew 6:33 on sunset
Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33

Answers to my cares, answers to my immediate concerns, answers to, “What about this?” and “What about that?” are fleeting, changing, mutable.

So what do I seek? When needs arise, when questions abound, when cares well up, what do I seek?

I need my needs covered. I need my questions answered. I need my cares tended. If not all these solutions, then what do I seek? I seek Jesus.

What do I ask for? I ask for Jesus.

On what door do I knock? I knock on the door of Jesus.

Jesus covers my needs.

Jesus answers my questions.

Jesus tends my cares.

He is the unchanging answer to all my questions. He is faithful, just, and true. I praise the Lord. I seek His face. He takes care of all the rest.

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