Seeking Success

And the Lord was with Joseph so he became a successful man (Genesis 39:2).

First, the Lord was with Joseph. Second, he became successful.

Joseph did not seek success. Joseph lived his life obedient to his father and apparently obedient to God.

He had dreams. He wondered at their meaning.

Did he tell his brothers the dreams out of pride? Or was he trying to sort out what God was saying to him? I could see it either way.

At any rate, he knew the dreams meant something. He knew they were from God.

Yet he didn’t run off and try to make them happen. He didn’t chase success.

He waited. He lived the life God had given him, tending flocks, helping his family.

God was with him.

2 Chronicles 20:20
Chronicles Jehoshaphat

Meanwhile, there were Joseph’s brothers. They lived their lives too — in offense, jealousy, pride. Was God with them? It doesn’t say. With them or not, God used them.

God used them to lead Joseph. Again Joseph waited and lived the life God had given him. And God was with him.

Joseph did not seek success. He sought God.

God brought success. Joseph gave glory to God.

First, seek God.

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