Sing for Joy

I want to walk in joy today. I don’t want to be irritable and angry and frustrated. And the answer is…Sing for joy to God our strength; Shout joyfully to the God of Jacob (Psalm 81:1 NASB).

Thank You, Father. I will sing. I will sing loud and with conviction. I will sing with joy. And all my songs will be to You.

I will sing praises to You so that Your light is so strong, so powerful, so full in my heart that all the darkness of my irritability and crankiness is cast out.

You are bigger, You are brighter, You have all the answers. You have all the solutions.

So while I may have frustrations, I can’t solve them. I have ideas, and possible answers, but You have perfect answers. And You work out the solutions in Your perfect time.

I give You my anger and frustrations. I put them in Your hands. And I praise You.

I sing for joy.

What else? I raise a song (Ps. 81:2). I blow the trumpet (Ps. 81:3). This kind of worship and singing is an ordinance of Yours (81:4). You established it as a testimony (Ps. 81:5).Sing for Joy! Shout joyfully to God our strength! God is good. By singing praises, we walk in joy and God strength. #Christianliving #Godstrength #joy

Sing for Joy! Shout joyfully to God our strength! God is good. By singing praises, we walk in joy and live in God strength. #Christianliving #Godstrength #joy

That’s awesome. When I choose to shout joyfully instead of announcing my anger or frustrations by my words, or by my attitude, or by dwelling on it, I am testifying. I am testifying of Your faithfulness and of who You are. I am testifying of what You’ve already done, knowing that You are able. I’m testifying that You are God and I’m not.

I’m testifying that You freed me (Ps. 81:6). I’m testifying that You rescued me (Ps. 81:7). I’m testifying that You answer me and that You have proved me (Ps. 81:7).

You are the Lord. You are my God. Make me listen to You in this. Make me walk in Your ways (Ps. 81:13). Subdue these enemies of unrighteous anger and general frustration. Turn Your hand against them (Ps. 81:14).

Feed me with the finest bread. The bread of life. And satisfy me (Ps. 81:16).

I will sing for joy to God my strength.

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