The Creator is With Me

…Great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel (Isaiah 12:6 NASB).

The Lord is great in my midst. Absolutely. He speaks to me, sorts out my days, directs my steps, leads me. He fellowships with me. And He’s the Holy One of Israel.

He’s the Creator of the heavens and earth. Of everything.

And He fellowships with me. He talks to me about the mundane. The One who created everything talks to me.

Isaiah 12:6 on nature scene

It’s one of those big thoughts that for just a moment, I grasp. I glimpse the reality of it and am in awe. Then the wonder of it all fades. Not in a bad way, but more like it’s too big for me to live with that level of awareness of that huge of a reality. A heavenly, Creator of All reality.

Isaiah 12:6 on nature scene
Christian Blog Title: The Creator is With Me.

And my reality, my day to day, is what I grasp, what I’m keenly aware of. And that’s okay. Because this earthly reality is what God’s given me. This is where He has me right now. And this is where He meets with me.

And He’s revealed Himself to me right here, where I am. He gives me glimpses of more even as He’s right here, fellowshipping with me.

He’s great in my midst. The Creator — who sees all, knows all, and is all — is in my midst. He’s talking with me. And He’s great.

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