The Problem With Overthinking

My thoughts are unclear. I try to make them clear. What is this day about? What steps is my God directing me in? Some I know, some I’m unsure of. I step forward and find myself doubting it all.

Everything seems wrong, off somehow. I feel like I can’t get anything right. I try to sort out my thoughts and end up in a jumble.

I keep trying to figure it out, think it through, make sense of it all. But I can’t. The more I try, the more frustrated I get.

What does my Lord say? Can I even hear Him?

I seek the Lord. I pray. I ask. I give my day, my everything, my thoughts, my heart into His hands. I wait on Him.

I may not be hearing Him now, or maybe I am. I may be spiraling through thoughts, thinking, sorting, thinking, overthinking.

But I do know the truth. I may not be feeling it, comprehending it, perceiving it, thinking it, but I know it.

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sunset picture
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I know that God created the heavens and the earth. I know He created me. All creation testifies that He is.

I know He loves the creation He made. He could wipe it out if He wants to, but He hasn’t. He wants this creation here.

I know He’s bigger than me, understands what I don’t, has a plan in mind, and sees how all things work together.

I know He can do things that I can’t. And apart from Him, I can’t do anything.

I know He wants me to know that. I know it well. Very well.

I know with that knowledge of who He is, His power and sovereignty, He wants me to trust Him.

I know I have a God who wants me to trust Him. And He made it so when I trust Him, I rest. I rest in Him. And that’s a form of praise. Because it says I trust Him, the creator of the heavens and the earth. That’s praise.

I trust Him that I don’t need to figure it out. I trust Him that He’s bigger than my jumbled thoughts.

I trust Him that even if I get everything wrong, He gets everything right.

His thoughts are not my thoughts and my thoughts are not His. The more I dwell on my thoughts, the more I crowd out His.

That’s my trouble with overthinking. I’m not thinking on Him, or in Him, or of Him.

Lord, let my thoughts be pure, noble, true, of good report. Let my thoughts be of You, who You are, Your power, Your sovereignty.

May I walk, step each step, trusting you. And by this, rest in you. And by this, praise You.

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