Things That Chasten Us

The Lord is able to do all things. He can do more than we ask or imagine. In fact, sometimes He does not only what we haven’t asked for, but what we would have specifically asked Him not to do had we thought He’d do that.

And sometimes, those things that He does that we’d rather Him not are the very things that we need. They’re the things that draw us to Him, that humble us, that chasten us. And don’t we know that the Lord chastens those whom He loves (Hebrews 12:6)?

They’re the things that burn away the dross, purify us, make us like Him.

Even so, they’re not things I’m particularly thrilled about. In the rough seasons, I can’t help but wonder if there’s another way. Like Jesus, I ask my Father if it’s possible, if there’s another way, please take the cup from me. I wonder why it has to be suffering that brings about life.

And yet, that’s the way it seems to be. And I have a choice. Will I submit? Will I fight? Will I flee?

John 6:68 on a sunset background.

To me, it’s not much of a choice. Because like Peter, I have to say, where else can I go (John 6:68)? My Jesus has the words of life.

John 6:68 on sunset background.

And He’s faithful. And He’ll never leave me. And He can do all things.

Blog title about God's chastening: Things That Chasten Us.

He can see me through and do more than I can ever ask or imagine. He will carry me through and make me more like Him. He gives me life.

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