Unchanging God

Thou, O Lord, dost rule forever; Thy throne is from generation to generation (Lamentations 5:19).

No matter what, one thing is certain: God is God. And because He’s God, He gets the glory.

By definition, our God doesn’t change. That’s who He is and we can count on it. He may not make sense to us, so it could look like He’s unreliable, but in the end, He remains the same. The sun comes up and goes down. Some day, it’ll all pass away, but not til He says. That’s a promise and it won’t change because He doesn’t change.

I want to go back to God not making sense. If He made sense, if I could figure Him out, explain what He’s doing, then He wouldn’t be much of a God. Shouldn’t the God of all creation, the One who made me, be a little mysterious?

Yet even in His mystery, He is unchanging. If He’s so mysterious, then how can I know this? Because He says so. His word backs up His word.

God is unchanging. Lamentations 5:19
Christian Blog: Unchanging God. Lamentations 5:19
God never changes. Lamentations 5:19

And all creation proclaims that He is (Psalm 19:1). The grass does not grow up red one day and purple another. Everything created is intricate and intricately involved. Even in regeneration and cycles an seasons of death and seasons of growth, God is unchanging. All His creation continues by His design.

And He gets the glory. Because He’s God. He’s an unchanging God and on that and in that, I can rely and rest.

You rule forever, Lord. Your throne is forever.

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