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Jesus turned the other cheek. In the face of accusation, He turned the other cheek. He gave one straight answer: “It is as you say. (Matthew 27:11).” Then, He was silent. He did not defend Himself. What more was there to say?

Their accusations were actually true. Jesus was, and is, King. Jesus confirmed that. They just didn’t believe.

Revelation 17:14 King of kings, Lord of lords
Lord of lords and King of kings. Revelation 17:144
Christian Blog: Walk In Truth

When I’m accused, I want to quickly defend myself. I want to be understood. I want to be believed. Or, sometimes when I’m accused, I doubt myself. I wonder if maybe I was wrong. (And certainly sometimes I am. But not always.) I placate. I take on my accusers perceptions of me. I give up truth.

Jesus did not defend himself. Jesus did not doubt Himself. Jesus did not give up truth.

Jesus spoke the truth in love. He walked in truth in love. And His eyes stayed on the Father. Come what may.

Accusers, mockers, nay-sayers pressed in. They pressed in hard. And Jesus was silent. Jesus turned the other cheek. Jesus walked the road before Him.

He never gave up love. He never gave up truth. He didn’t need to defend it. He didn’t doubt. His life and His walk were between Him and His Father, not between Him and His accusers. It was His Father’s business, not His accusers’.

Any troubles He had on earth? They were for His Father to lead Him through. They weren’t for Him to fix or work out with His accusers — those who didn’t believe.

Jesus walked meekly, humbly, in love, in truth. He turned the other cheek. His identity was known by Himself. He knew who He was and rested in that; He walked in that.

My identity is in Christ. Meek, humble, full of love and truth. May I walk, resting in that. May I let my life and walk be between me and my Father, not determined, undermined, or altered by my accusers. May I turn the other cheek. May I let my Father lead me through. May I never give up truth. May I never give up love. Amen.

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