What’s In My Heart?

God calls me to declare blessings, but so much of my words are complaints. So much of what I say are judgments. Yet I desire to speak words of life.

Who can tame the tongue (James 3:8)? That’s a good question. And out of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). So what, exactly is in my heart?

As far as I know myself, my heart is to love. I want love; I want God’s love. I want to walk in love, without thought. I want my knee-jerk response to be love. This is my heart and I speak it out.

1 John 4:8
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1 John 4:8

Yet too often, other things come out of my mouth. Other thoughts dance around in my head — and, it’s not a happy dance. Unkind words, self-righteous and judgmental thoughts, they pop in my head unbidden. They’re a knee-jerk response.

I wish it weren’t that way. It’s not my desire and it makes me wonder what’s in my heart truly.

I think of those bumper stickers saying God isn’t finished with me yet. And I suppose that’s true. But I don’t like it and I don’t want to use it as an excuse. I want to declare and proclaim His love.

Lord, refine me. Take me through the fire and the flood (Isaiah 43:2). Take me through trials that produce perseverance, and hope, and faith (James 1:2-4).

No, I don’t like trials. But I know that trials will come no matter what. They’re part of life. But the bigger thing is that I know God brings good things out of trials. God grows me through trials. My heart’s desire is to grow, to declare those blessings, to speak words of life out of a heart of love. And I want to know that God’s love is truly in my heart.

When God takes me through trials, His purpose is realized. Through it all, He remains. And He is love. I will decrease while He increases. My self-righteous thoughts will decrease and His love will increase. His love will be my response. His love will be my words. His love will be my heart. My words will be His love.

And for now, with where I’m at and who I am, I will proclaim blessings. My tongue will proclaim blessings and His love. I’ll do it now, today, right now. I declare blessings, not complaints and not judgments. This is my desire. This is my heart.

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