When Bad Things Happen

In this world I will have tribulation. I know that. But You tell me to take courage and be of good cheer since You have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

There are times You lead me into difficult circumstances, challenges that build my character, experiences to grow me and train me to teach and encourage others, to mature me. And there are times this fallen world sucker punches me. You lead me through and still build my character and mature me – if I let You.

Here’s where thanking you and praising You come in. It’s the best way for me to receive that character-building.

But here’s my question: You lead me through, but did You lead me to the place to be sucker punched in the first place? You direct my steps, right?

Or do I end up in those places because this is a fallen world? Or my own sin? Or the sin of others?

I think the answer is some of all of it. Every circumstance is different. And You’re too big to be boxed in, let alone understood completely.His ways are higher

You could stop it all, all the bad stuff. You could lead me in paths that don’t have any hazards. You could finish off the world, be done with it, move those who want You and Your ways on to paradise.

You could, but You don’t. And You haven’t. There must be a reason for that. And You being God means it must be a good reason.

Did I maybe touch on a bit of Your reason with character building, growth, and maturity? Again, I think this is just a glimpse. You are too, too big. Too, too great to be fully grasped. Your ways are higher than my ways (Isaiah 55:9). But I still want to understand. I want an explanation.

And I’m not the only one. Many of Your people and those who don’t know You want to understand.

But I don’t think we ever will. Who can understand your ways?

So I choose faith. I choose to praise You. I choose to give You thanks.

I proclaim that You are good. By faith. And I thank You – forever.

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