When I’m Called To Something Difficult

God doesn’t mess around. He literally told Isaiah to go around naked for three years. And barefoot. I find the naked part a little more noteworthy, but both though. Naked and barefoot. Three years.

“Go and loosen the sackcloth from your hips, and take your shoes off your feet.” And he did so, going naked and barefoot.

And the Lord said, “Even as my servant Isaiah has gone naked and barefoot three years as a sign and token against Egypt and Cush…” (Isaiah 20:2-3).

Sometimes I get a bit frustrated with God. He directs, He leads, He calls. And He puts something on my heart that I’m not thrilled about, or He leads me to a place that’s less than comfortable, a place that’s downright painful, humbling, humiliating in this world.

And I wonder why. Sometimes He gives me an answer, and sometimes He doesn’t. I just get His resounding, “Trust Me.”

Even when He gives an answer, though, it’s not always super clear. It still requires total trust. Total faith. Answers like: it’s for my refinement, to make me more like Him. I need faith that He’s faithful and true to His word.

And answers like: this is a sign. I’m a sign, my life, my faith, my going through the battle is a sign. His life in me, His faithfulness, His winning the battle is a sign.

And again, it requires my total trust. My total faith. And that’s okay because He’s trustworthy and He’s faithful. And He says to keep my eyes on Him. When I feel myself slipping or when I’m feeling discouraged, depressed, or done, I call His name, praise Him. A simple, “Jesus”, or “Praise the Lord”, whispered on my lips. My trust, my faith.

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Christian Blog When I'm Called to Something Difficult

And He answers. He leads, He directs. Through the storm, through the season. And I grow, refine, display the sign of His likeness.

I find again that He is faithful. He didn’t make a mistake. He means what He says. And He doesn’t mess around.

And I have nothing on Isaiah.

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