Who Reigns In My Life?

Psalm 2 starts out with the rulers of the nations raging against God. They don’t want His rule. They don’t want to be restrained by God. They want to “…cast away their [the Lord’s and His Anointed’s] cords…” (Psalm 2:2).

They don’t want God’s ways. And they don’t want to submit to the Lord. (Psalm 2:1-3)

God laughs (Psalm 2:4). He’s established His King on Zion (Psalm 2:6). Christ rules.

Psalm 2: 11-12 Worship the Lord with reverence, and rejoice with trembling.
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The rulers in the world can rage all they want, but it’s God who reigns. It’s God who rules. It’s God who establishes the nations and rulers of nations.

And in Psalm 2:8, He gives the nations to Christ, who rules forever. And in verse 9, He will “…break them with a rod of iron, and shatter them….”

The rulers of this earth may rage against God, but it’s God who reigns on high.

Yet there’s so much more in this than just the physical rulers and nations we see here on earth. In the heavenlies, the spiritual realm, where we know a battle rages, the enemy rages against God. But God reigns. He laughs. He wins. He’s won.

The nations are His. We are His.

And here’s where it gets personal. I look to my God and seek His face. Do I rage against Him? Do I want to throw off His ways? Do I want my own rule?

Or do I want God to reign? Do I want His restraint? Do I want to submit?

I long for the Lord. I long for His ways. I know I have those days, those seasons, those moments that my flesh rises up. I want my own way. I think I know better than God. Yet, even then, it’s Him I want.

No matter the day, season, or moment, let me have this discernment: God reigns (Psalm 2:10).

I will worship the Lord with reverence. I will rejoice with trembling. I will do homage to the Son. (Psalm 2:11-12)

You reign, Lord.

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