Why I Get Quiet With the Lord

I know You’re with me always, whether I’m sitting quietly at Your feet, or running around super busy, or my attention is on the day ahead. And in all those circumstances, I can hear You. And I have heard You.

Sometimes, You’ve broken in to my most distracted moments and made Yourself known. If You have something to say, You say it. If I have ears to hear, I hear.


If God meets with me at any time, why do I take time away every day? Why do I put aside my lists, my plans, and sit before Him?

The truth is, while I have experienced Him in all circumstances, it’s different in the quiet. Like all relationships, there’s a time for busy and the conversation is quick. There’s no doubt a connection, yet if that’s all the relationship ever experiences, it’s going to get weak. It’s there, but there could be so much more.

I want the “so much more” with Jesus. I want everything He has for me. I don’t want to be always busy with Him. I don’t want to have a relationship that grows weak.

I want to experience every part of this relationship, the busy, the practical, the slow, the intimate, the quiet. I want the full depth of all God has for me.

Pray. Get Quiet With the Lord
Pray, Get Quiet With the Lord
Christian Blog. Why I Get Quiet With The Lord

I want to hear His secrets, I want to have His comfort, I want richness and revelation.

I want those quick conversations, experiencing Him in my busy days and hectic schedules. It would be awful if I didn’t.

But I also want the long conversations, experiencing deep moments and rejuvenating rest that only He can give.

I want every part, every aspect of my relationship with the Lord.

So I step out in all He’s called me to, having busy days with Him. And I sit at His feet, worshiping, resting, visiting, and waiting in the midst of those same busy days.

I know He’s with me through it all. That’s not my concern today. It’s that I want all He has, every part of this relationship. I want the “so much more”. I want it all.

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