Why I Seek God’s Wisdom

Who is like the wise man who knows the interpretation of a matter? (Ecclesiastes 8:1)

God is all wise. None of us are like Him. No matter how wise we are, He is wiser.

He knows all things, He interprets all things, He understands all things.

I like to think I understand quite a bit. But I’ll never understand everything.

There are wise men and women the world over. I could soak up all their wisdom collectively, yet still I would not be as wise as the Creator.

Bluebells with Proverbs 8:35

We, on this earth, do not have the answers, no matter how much we think we do. We were all formed and to dust we will return.

Bluebells with Proverbs 8:35

Even the greatest, most respected leaders in this world — wise, experienced, powerful, successful, happy, smart, charismatic, humble — were created by the same Creator who created each one of us.

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Can that which was created surpass the Creator?

Even what we discover is not our own. All our discoveries are discoveries of this creation, this creation that was formed by God.

And as the One who formed it, He’s the one who knows it better than any of us. And He knows things about it we’ll never know, unless He reveals it.

He knows things about this world, and He knows things about each one of us. None of us will ever be like Him, knowing and seeing all.

Our God is the wise one who knows the interpretation of all matters. He is the one to seek. He is the one I seek.

If I have a need, if I don’t understand, if I hunger for truth, if I long for joy, I seek my God, the one who is wise. I can seek my own ways, I can seek the wisdom of man, but I will never gain the wisdom of God until I seek Him.

I don’t need to know everything He knows. But I would like to know everything He wants to show me. I would like to gain and grow in wisdom, in true wisdom, in the wisdom of the One who is all wise, who sees all, who created all things.

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