God Is Sovereign

“Did you forget that I’m sovereign?” That’s what the Lord asked me this morning. I was inclined to say, “Of course not.” It was my knee-jerk response. But then I stopped short.

Why was the Lord asking me this? If I hadn’t forgotten, then why was He putting His finger there?

The truth is, as I pondered it all, that in word I haven’t forgotten. But in life, perhaps sometimes and some days and in some circumstances, I have.

What does sovereignty mean, anyway? God is in control. God is king. He’s in charge.

I could get into a big debate about predestination and free will. But that’s not what this is about. Frankly, I could find scriptures to support both.

And I can find scriptures that tell me that my God is king (Psalm 47:7). Plain and simple. He’s in charge. He reigns. His word stands. He’s in control.

Sovereign. That’s my God.

So back to His question for me. Did I forget? Yes, I guess so. I’ve been fretting over circumstances. I pray, but then I hang on and worry. I wonder and try to come up with solutions. Even as I walk by faith and proclaim His sovereignty, I try to take over for Him.

Can you imagine a perfect and good sovereign king who is in charge of all resources telling His subjects that He’ll take care of them?

Can you imagine his subjects believing and trusting Him?

It’s hard for me to imagine a king like that because people make all kinds of promises and then break them. Truth be told, I make all kinds of promises to myself and others and break them. I make plans not knowing if they’ll work or if they’re possible. And plans change for all kinds of reasons.

But my God doesn’t break promises. My God directs my steps (Proverbs 16:9). My God know the plans He has for me (Jeremiah 29:11). He knows they’ll work. He knows they’re possible. An His plans don’t change.

Jeremiah 29:11
Jeremiah 29:11 Blog Title
Jeremiah 29:11

What if I believed Him? What if, even as everything looks crooked, I trust Him to make my paths straight (Proverbs 3:6)? What if I stop trying to straighten my paths and instead walk in His ways that are not my ways (Isaiah 55:8-9)?

What if when God asks me if I’ve forgotten that He’s sovereign, I could say in complete truth, “Of course not,” and I walked in belief and trust and faith and rest.

God is in control. God reigns. God’s plans never fail. God is trustworthy. God is sovereign.

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